As part of the Legal Separation Between Batelco and BNET, BNET Announces Launch of Operations Support System (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS)

Manama, Bahrain: Bahrain’s National Broadband Network (BNET), responsible for providing broadband network services across the Kingdom of Bahrain, has announced the launch of both Operations Support System (OSS) and Business Support System (BSS) powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform, as part of the complete separation of BNET’s information systems technologies from Batelco’s, marking a significant milestone in the legal separation stage, and in line with the requirements of the Fourth National Telecommunications Plan.

The launch of BNET was announced by Batelco Chairman, Shaikh Abdulla bin Khalifa Alkhalifa, in October last year during a high-level press conference in the presence of the Minister of Transport and Communications Kamal bin Ahmed Mohammed, and BNET CEO, Mohammed Bubshait, and a number of CEOs of telecommunications companies as well as members of the media. As a result of Batelco’s legal separation into two entities, BNET became the responsible provider for broadband and connectivity infrastructure with the aim of providing high-speed internet services at competitive prices to all service providers, who in turn, will provide them to customers, positively affecting all internet users across the Kingdom.

The separation process was initiated to meet the requirements of the Fourth National Telecommunications Plan, established to set clear goals and objectives for the telecommunication sector in the Kingdom of Bahrain, including developing solid infrastructure of comprehensive, high-speed broadband services, improving and enhancing access to internet applications and services, and establishing the Kingdom of Bahrain as a regional center of information and communication technology.

BNET, in cooperation with Batelco, is working to complete the separation process within the time-frame set by the Fourth National Telecommunications Plan in order to enable licensed operators to deliver the latest high-speed broadband services to 95% of households and 100% of businesses across the Kingdom.  The launch of the BSS and OSS services marks establishing BNET as an independent entity with its own customer services and operations process management, reinforcing BNET’s role as the primary entity responsible for the Kingdom’s national broadband network operations.

Commenting on the launch, Mohamed Bubashait, CEO of BNET said, “We are proud to have completed yet another step towards the separation of Batelco and BNET in accordance with the Fourth National Communications Plan, considered to be a very important national projects designed to make a positive contribution to the telecommunications sector in the Kingdom. The process of separating the BSS and OSS systems provides BNET with the independence required to manage operational processes and procedures, enhancing the quality and effectiveness of the services we provide to our customers.”

He added: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the BNET team for their hard work and effort in making the separation a success. Additionally, I would like to extend a special thanks to Batelco Chairman, Shaikh Abdulla bin Khalifa Alkhalifa, for his direct support in providing us with the resources and capabilities necessary to complete the separation according to the strategic objectives in line with the set timetable.  I would also like to thank the Chairman of the BNET, Shaikh Ali bin Khalifa Alkhalifa, for his unwavering support in prioritizing the separation project due to its importance to the Telecommunications sector and the Kingdom of Bahrain as a whole.”


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