Akram Miknas' straight-forward, business-like, managerial style and his successful track record speak for themselves. The success achieved by the Promoseven's chairman and management team indicates their vision, resolve, strength and technical abilities. His achievements are reported in the public domain on the Google website under 'Akram Miknas'.

Akram Miknas, born in 1944, showed an early interest in communication and was keenly involved in photography in school. By the time he was ready for higher studies, he was certain of his vocation and career in communication. With that in mind, he attended the American University in Beirut to study business administration, specialising in Marketing. To help finance part of his studies, and out sheer interest, he started working as a media provider for various faculties, bringing in advertisements for their journals and organizing their exhibitions.

After graduating, he sought employment in advertising and completed a one-year intensive internship at a leading agency in the United States. Mr Miknas' personal vision and confidence allowed him to actualise his ambition by establishing 'Fortune Promoseven'(FP 7) in 1968 with 6 other young entrepreneurs and ventured in selling ideas. A consultancy assignment for an advertising campaign for a Lebanese businessman allowed his suggestions to succeed in fielding a full advertising campaign for FP7 in its early days. The outcome propelled FP7's client to becoming a leader in its business sector.

Despite the changing fortunes of the new company and the exit of his six partners from their association, Mr Miknas stayed the course and focused on growing his activities outside Lebanon and throughout the Arab world where quality services provided by FP 7 were needed and useful. His hard work, passion for quality achievements, choice of quality staff have propelled FP 7 into the leading position in the Arab world in the advertising business and to rank amongst the top 52 companies worldwide. Associations with world-class participants in the business have added value to the process.