Ali Fardan is a well known international banker with the following qualifications:
- Expert in both conventional and Islamic banking
- Professional in both wholesale and retail banking
- Financial advisory
- Strong knowledge/experience in Risk Management & Audit
- Strong in analytical and assessment skills
- Strong in credit analysis
- Wide range of knowledge/experience in MENA business
- Professional in business restructuring and development
- Professional in merger and acquisitions
- Strong knowledge/experience in Treasury/Investment business
- Wide range of prime customers relationship and networking
- Multi-task professional
- Influential and persuasive
- Developed and structured various Sharia compliance products, financial solution and documentations that has well served and further develop the industry since 1982
- Comprehensive knowledge of international financial markets
- Very familiar with international banking practices and regulatory framework
- Very familiar with international accounting standards, Basel 1 and 2
- Computer literate including networking, system administration and swift

His specialities are in both wholesale/Retail conventional/Islamic banking

- Restructure NBK Bahrain's operations
- Merged wholesale and retail banking
- Diversified the business and introduced multi-products
- Increase assets from $ 1billion to over $ 10 billion and revenue from $ 1 million to over $ 150 million
- Fully automated the bank
- Established the group Islamic banking
- Established the group wholesale banking
- Established the bank private banking
- Established the group liquidity management centre
- Widen the customer base
- Incorporated retail branch
- Maintain cost/income ratio below 15 % over 25 years
- Maintain efficiency across the board


National Bank of Kuwait SAKP


General Manager