Basim AlSaie is an Entrepreneur that has led a few start-ups over a span of twenty-eight years. He has a strong strategic thinking quality with an ability to create alternative ways. He is an impeccable capability to spot relevant patterns and issues in various scenarios.

In 1997 he established a Joint Venture with a French group in the architectural aluminium products sector covering the Middle East markets. He has also helped to launch and lead a Plastic Industry Rotational Moulding operation that has become the leader in the local market since 2003.

Through his experience in the field of aluminium extrusion industry in the gulf region, he has developed the expertise in the field of construction and project management from a building materials supply side. He has contributed to major cities around the Gulf region with landmark projects with leading architects, consultants, and developers.

He is a member and active leader in the Entrepreneurs Organization (EO) in local, regional, and global roles since 2006.


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