Eman is also a psychotherapist and counsellor, specializing in trauma, grief, chronic or terminal illnesses, bereavement, and anxiety. Her therapy creates a warm, supportive, and collaborative environment where clients can enhance their self-understanding, maximize their strengths, and learn to achieve greater satisfaction in their personal and professional lives. She founded and opened her clinic, Insights Therapy, at the Financial Harbour with her managing partner Munira Al Shaikh.

Furthermore, Ms. Nooruddin is a partner in Capital Knowledge-Institute of Finance and is also involved in the design and delivery of various self-development courses, such as Stress Management, Service Excellence, Brain Training & Mind Mapping and Emotional Intelligence to various companies.

Ms. Nooruddin has also founded Breathe. Breathe is a social company that raises funds and awareness of different charitable issues around the world. They make jewellery that promotes mental wellbeing through beautiful but powerful messages, quotes, and sayings.


Capital Knowledge / Insights Therapy / Breathe Jewelry / BEO


Managing Director / Founder and Secretary of the Board