A great salesperson needs to possess the perfect combination of confidence, flair, passion and an exquisite product. Eslam Fouad, Director of Sales and Marketing, has all of these qualities to help him introduce and sell Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay as the newest and most luxurious hotspot on the island. The secret to his success comes as a surprise to many, “I don’t recite sales pitches … I simply tell stories.”

Fouad’s storytelling has brought him a long way in his professional career. His strong ability was recognized by others before Fouad recognized it in himself. That is why he began his career in advertising in 1998. “I never imagined myself in the sales career until one of my clients called my business owner and highly recommended that I should be moved to sales,” Fouad recalls. “Although I was surprised at first, I considered this new opportunity and quickly discovered my passion for sales in the years that followed.”

As soon as Fouad realized where he was destined to be, his career immediately took off. He began as a sales manager for Al Nadwah Advertising from 1999-2000 before shifting to the hospitality industry. He worked for Radisson SAS Resort for four years and then moved to Le Meridien in Dubai. Finally, in 2006, he joined the Four Seasons family. Upon starting in Riyadh, he was soon promoted to Director of Sales and spent eight years working and excelling in the position. In May of 2014, Fouad moved to Bahrain for several reasons, among them are “career growth, experience in a pre-opening, and the amazing positive energy found nowhere other than the island.”

Fouad is definitely no stranger to the Gulf region since he has called it home for the past 16 years. Of course, these years did not pass without a few challenges. One of the biggest challenges Fouad faced was his move to Bahrain. “I find moving from Riyadh to Bahrain to be exciting and challenging at the same time. Four Seasons Hotel Riyadh is an established business hotel and yields a high average occupancy rate year-round, while Four Seasons Hotel Bahrain Bay is my first pre-opening of a luxurious urban resort,” says Fouad. Nonetheless, Fouad quickly learned the new market and advises that the Hotel’s success in the region lies in three main factors, “service, product and location that are all supported and driven by the Four Seasons team.” He consistently works to teach and motivate others to sell the Hotel and destination by telling stories and crafting experiences.

Fouad believes that all the hard work and dedication are rewarding in more than one way. “Meeting people for the first time is certainly worthwhile, but nothing beats the fulfillment I feel from seeing the smile of a satisfied client,” says Fouad. “Only then do I feel that my sales efforts have paid off well.”

Fouad consistently works and strives to put smiles on others’ faces. Those include his clients, his colleagues, his family and most of all, himself.


Four Seasons Hotel - Bahrain


Director of Sales and Marketing