Personal Information :

Huda initially started out by studying Business Administration and English at Gulf Polytechnic. She then returned to her studies at a later stage and has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature and Translation from the University of Bahrain. Huda has also undertaken various courses in the French language and is fluent.

She began her career working at the French Embassy in the capacity of Head of Protocol, Public Relations and Administrative Affairs. In 1998, she was the recipient of an award from the French Navy and in 2001, she was honored to be decorated with the ‘Ordre du Merité National’ by the President of the Republic of France.

Huda then embarked on a career change to work at what is now known as the Bahrain Authority for Culture and Antiquities where she is currently the Director of the Communications and Promotions Directorate. In this role, she is the project manager for the large-scale, national events that BACA organizes including but not limited to, conferences, the Bahrain Summer festival and more. Huda is also the Deputy Head of the Public Relations Committee within BACA as well as serving on various other internal committees including tendering, promotions and incentives, security and safety, in addition to training.

Previously, Huda has represented the Kingdom of Bahrain in the capacity of General Commissioner at the Shanghai Expo and has also liaised between the Economic Development Board and the former Ministry of Culture in matters pertaining to the organization of the annual ‘Bahrain Spring of Culture’, an event that thousands of people look forward to each year.

Huda currently owns FRIENDS Cafe, an establishment well-loved and frequented by many loyal patrons over the years.


Friends Café / BEO


Founder / Owner / Founder, Treasurer and Culture & Hospitality Committee Head (BEO)