To offer people and companies maximum chances of development, and help them optimize their available potential.
Thirty years of experience in a multicultural professional and social environment have taught me that, although we seem to be very different, we have very similar needs and expectations with of course our fantastic individual uniqueness.
After all, it is all about interaction, both internal and external.
Every individual person has a part in this action: win/win intention – respect for all parties concerned and economically justified should be universal criteria.
Just like everybody should be able to fully employ all of his/her talents and get the opportunity to develop themselves.
Call it ‘Ethical Business Thinking’: a corporate culture which deploys and optimizes all the available human potential and other resources in an effective way in order to create new perspectives, opportunities, sustainability and long term success: ‘stepping-stones’ for the individual, the company, their employees and their customers.

Specialties: Management Consulting & Coaching - Facilitator - Leadership in Management - Sustainable Change Management - Coaching the Coach - Optimizing People & Resources - Solution-Oriented Communication Training - Personal Coaching - Awareness Workshops...


SteppingStone Global


Founder and President