Khalid Almoayed & Sons was born out of the pursuit for perfection. Our efforts began in 1998 when we realised our ability to create a vehicle that houses and supports new business ventures that benefit the economy by creating jobs, services and other opportunities for Bahrain and the GCC. We had initially started by focusing on services, after which we moved to lifestyle and retail pursuits. Today, we employ a capable team that works in various fields, such as IT, Transport, Contracting and Travel among others in the hope that we can continue to benefit the gulf economies while supporting the younger generations' capabilities. KAS was founded to nurture and develop concepts from the ground up with the hope of exporting concepts. We aim to stay ahead of the market by constantly improving our standards, and advocating new, innovative ways of improving the lifestyles of our partners, customers and staff.

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Khalid Almoayed & Sons / Trafco Group BSC