During his Master’s in Architecture from the Technical Military College in Cairo, Mazen developed a keen vision to bring together innovative, creative, resourceful designs that are fit for purpose and which also resonate with the landscape. In 2005, Mazen pursued his dream of developing Arab Architects as a state-of-the-art consultancy, which is now a formidable international name in the fields of architecture and engineering.

As the founder of Arab Architects, Mazen’s professionalism, careful attention to detail and pioneering approach have allowed him to build a team of experts which is unsurpassed.

“Since its inception in 2005, my renowned team at Arab Architects is proud to have played a crucial part in the development of the Kingdom of Bahrain as an architectural masterpiece and to have led projects world-wide. Drawing on 30 years’ experience, I have created a holistic end-to-end architectural and engineering consultancy encompassing the highest caliber of architects, engineers and designers. My team creates memorable spaces by providing sustainable, bespoke architectural and engineering designs. As the founder of Arab Architects, I actively participate in every project to ensure excellence in a cost and time-effective manner. Exciting horizons beckon for Arab Architects and I look forward to cementing the highest quality designs of the future.”


Arab Architects


Managing Director