Mr. Mohamed Bin Mansoor Al Araydh, the Chairman, is a well-known figure of the Bahrain business community. Studied in Newcastle University in the UK with a degree in Business Management and has since worked in the area of risk and administration of investment portfolios in The Kingdom of Bahrain, currently Chairman of MBM Holdings and Director of the Al-Arayedh Investments & Consultants.

His ancestral family is one of the oldest trading families on the island which originally dealt in Pearls Trading, with his Great Grandfather who is also a Member of the British Empire (MBE), commonly referred to as the King of Bahraini Pearls, and one of the biggest landlords in the Kingdom, and are now leaders in various Government, Banking and Educational positions.

​Mr. Mohamed Bin Mansoor is the founder of MBM Holding and the business is ever-growing. A true man of ethics and clear vision, MBM is dedicated and has a vibrant passion for business. With deep roots, historical accomplishments, financial strength, human assets, the MBM Holding is moving forward towards setting new standards of leadership.


MBM Holding