Hailing from one of the pioneer business families in Bahrain, Mr. Jasim Abdulrahman Al Zayani has entered the family business of automobile distribution and trading in consumer and industrial products businesses immediately after the completion of his studies. In 1953, he further diversified the business by setting up Kuwait Automobile &Trading Company and Al Zayani Trading Company in Kuwait. In Bahrain, the group concentrated on elevators, industrial/engineering products, scaffolding and insurance.

In view of expanding the business horizon, he bought Sands Harbor Hotel and Marina in Pompano Beach, Florida together with his Son Mohammad way back in 1977. In fact, they were the first Arab investors in Pompano Beach, Florida, USA. Having realized the potential in the tourism industry, he ventured into establishing “Zallaq Resort Company BSC (c)” under the name of “Sofitel Bahrain Zallaq Thalassa Sea & Spa”.

While concentrating all his efforts in diversifying his family business, Mr. Al Zayani took keen interest in the business development of the region and served as a member of the board of directors of Bahrain Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
He has also represented the Bahrain business community on several delegations from Bahrain to overseas.

His memoirs were published in Arabic in 2014 under the title “Family Business Company- Practical Experience and Biography” where it reflects his philosophy and sheds the light on the emergence and growth of the modern Bahrain Society.

Mr. Jasim Al Zayani, our lead founder, served as the group’s chairman since the group's inception. Mr. Jasim currently plays a significant supporting and supervisory role in providing leadership and guidance to the group activities. Mr. Jasim determines the group’s objectives, strategies, policies and business plans and monitors their execution. In addition, he has served as a member of several business delegations from the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce & Industry to various countries.


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