Recently I have taken on a new challenge to Run Tenmou - The Bahrain Business Angles Company which specializes in funding startups in Bahrain. Stay Tuned for Tenmou 2.0.

Previously I have managed our Family Business, Foods Limited now called the Culinary Company. It is specialized in catering for events and cafe management. The Culinary Company serves around 3500 people daily and growing to become the leading caterer in the Kingdom of Bahrain.

In the past, I have been leading the implementation efforts of the largest nationwide event in Bahrain, the Shopping Festival, as at first the Co-Director and this year Director. The confidence my superiors showed when they promoted me comes from their recognition of my strong marketing and business acumen combined with my ability to so effectively control a very complex event. I can also point to a record of having successfully managed 350 similar events between 2012 and 2013.

In addition to soliciting and securing sponsors, participants and partners for SHOP Bahrain, I’ve also worked closely with a variety of third-party agencies in creating themes, graphics, advertisement and PR releases that significantly raised awareness of the event. As a result of these efforts, visitor traffic to Bahrain during the Festival increased by 16%, which generated a 30% increase in sales for participating stores.

Learning has always been one of my major drives. Along with earning an MBA, I have also attended multiple professional conferences, acquiring training in many subjects aligned with my marketing duties. These pursuits have included travel to Middle Eastern countries, Europe and the United States.

If asked to describe my most contributory qualities, I believe my teammates would include:

Independent Thinker
Resolute Implementer
Team Pacesetter
Business Acumen




Chief Executive Officer