Wajdi has been at Keypoint as the Managing Director since the inception of the company in 2006. He started his career with Ernst & Young in 1996 as a Director in the Business Advisory Services dept. Wajdi has covered a variety of projects in Business Advisory Services and Financial Services.

Wajdi’s experience covers a wide range of Businesses in Bahrain and the region, including financial and banking, industrial, commercial and real estate. He has established numerous companies in Bahrain as he has a detailed knowledge of the requirements for setting up business and investment and advises on several business and finance-related issues.

Wajdi has also worked very closely with the regulators and some Ministries and Government agencies in Bahrain, including the Ministry of Industry & Commerce and the Central Bank of Bahrain, and maintains strong relationships with them.

Wajdi is also the Managing Director of Two Seas Trust B.S.C (c), a joint venture between Ogier Fiduciary Services (Jersey) Limited and Keypoint, which provides Trustee Services and is regulated by the Central Bank of Bahrain.




Managing Director