After graduation from Virginia Institute of Technology in 1982 as a Civil Engineer, I returned home to work with the Bahrain Defense Force, Engineering section as an Engineer with the rank of 1st Lieutenant. I was with another officer the only engineers in the section which was newly formed.

I established the full procedures and standard contracts for the sections. Thereafter I was appointed as a “Construction Manager” for a new project for a period of 2 1/2 years.

In 1983 I felt that I have too much free time and decided to start my own business while still working for the Government (working time in the Government is 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.) mainly to spend my afternoon time more constructively. I opened a “Commission Agent Office” with a capital of BD 1,450/- ($3800.00) and started communicating with companies around the world to get agencies or representation. I was all alone working as an engineer in the morning and the manager of my own business in the afternoon.

For about six months a thorough study of the Bahrain market was done by me to find what is the market like and what is the missing specialty. I found that specialties chemicals are not available and all companies requiring such chemicals were importing themselves. This was the gap I found in the market and it was the chance that opened all doors and set the goal for the coming future.

In the beginning of 1984, I was appointed as a Distributor for Dutch Company manufacturing marine chemicals. The company provided me with stocks on a guarantee basis. Of course, this was my first encounter with Banks on a commercial level to obtain a guarantee of payments so that I can establish the required documents for the first company I deal with. I used my monthly salary from the Government as collateral to obtain the Guarantee. The stock was supposed to last for one year; however, I managed to sell the stock in two months and was paid for it within the same period. This established my good relationship with the bank for future requirements and also made me in a strong position with the Dutch Company to ask for the exclusive agency. Thereafter the Company appointed me as the exclusive agent for Bahrain and this was the start of “Mashal International “.

I had to find one salesman to do the selling while I do the marketing, accounting and administration including deliveries. This step also was new for me. I had to employ the best so I had to interview, evaluate and choose. I had to know how this should be done and need to go through many books and manuals to establish the employment application, employment interview form, position descriptions and a complete personnel department services manual. In addition, I had to establish a pay rate schedule and employee benefits programs.

This all to make sure that I can find the best and make sure the person hired will be continuing for a long time. It did work; I still have most of my old employees in the company even after 20 years

At the end of the first year, a statement of account had to be completed to submit to the bank. The turnover was BD (27000) ($71000) with only myself and 1 employee working, an office of 12M2 and all the rest of the requirements on a rental basis.

For that, I had to learn to account and learn to evaluate the account. The main thing was how to establish a statement of account that is presentable and acceptable by the bankers. It was done and accepted by the bank, were from that time I was offered banking facilities and loans of BD (10000) ($27000) to upgrade the business,


On July 1986 I felt that my job with the Government is taking too much of my own business time so I requested for release from duty which was granted in 1987, where then I concentrated in my own business full time.

During the past years, I have attended several courses and seminars in Finance management, Claim Solving, Public Relations and Quality Control, completed my MBA (Human Resources in January 1996) and a PhD ( International Business development in September 2003)

Since no business can progress without good staff Mashal International realizes that well-qualified staff is the only real advantage a Company has over another competitor and therefore I employ very qualified personnel in Finance, Accounting, marketing, Administration and sales were all of them are very highly educated, loyal professionals.

MASHAL INTERNATIONAL WLL, now has four companies under its umbrella and represents 9 agency in Bahrain, four sister companies in the gulf and 18 representatives offices in the middle east and Africa are employing 123 employees and labours all around and having turn over about BD 2.5M.

I am the Chairman and Managing Director since the start. The company now is structured on a profit center basis with each company having its own budget and General Manager reporting directly to the Managing Director. I run the companies on a daily basis having meetings and discussions with all the General Managers helping and advising all.

The complete company finance is controlled by myself and has a highly qualified Corporate Financial Controller and Finance Managers feeding me with all the required information and advice.

The Company is fully computerized and has a very effective MIS Department feeding all management’s with the information and reports required for their business planning.

1984 was the start and now after more than twenty years MASHAL INTERNATIONAL is a group of companies dealing in chemicals trading through “CHEMICAL MARKETING AND DISTRIBUTION CO“., manufacturing of Chemicals and Detergents through “MASHAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRY CO”., Distribution network and the exporting arm of the Group through “Mashal Detergent Center“., and Industrial and Chemical Cleaning contracting through “CLEAR INDUSTRIES (M.E.) CO”.

Manufacturing & exporting of Bahraini made chemicals & detergents.

1984 was the start of a dream that had grown with the years, how could we stop depending on imports of chemical from outside? Why can’t we manufacture what is required locally?

1994 was the start of the realization of that dream. MASHAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRY, a manufacturing company owned by MASHAL INTERNATIONAL specializing in manufacturing chemicals and detergents to the Industry and Domestic sectors. Providing chemicals and detergents to local users and reducing the dependency on imports.

The company supply chemicals and preventive maintenance chemicals to the Bahrain market, the GCC and Middle East markets. The export market has been growing steadily and it has reached to a level representing 80% of total production. Clients that had been serviced are recommending the quality to others in which the products are being promoted by their quality which had proved that Bahrainis can produce quality and competitive products to stand side by side with multinationals.

“MASHAL CHEMICAL INDUSTRY”, is registered as a Pioneer Industry since it is the first chemicals & detergents plant that manufactures chemicals and detergents using the raw materials and not blended materials. This also made it possible to formulate local formulations made especially for Bahrain users and gave the ability to export Intermediates to other detergents blenders in the GCC who blends detergents for their own areas.

The availability of the plant in Bahrain had helped all other importers of detergents to reduce their dependency on imported materials in which it helped their stock level and reduced their financing of stocks for longer periods.

Building Assembling and exporting of Bahrain made machines and technology.

1991 and after the liberation of Kuwait, the environmental issues became a major story in everyday news. Mashal International is a major chemical supplier and exporter to all GCC had a major burden on this issue since all chemicals supplied to Industries represent a high environmental risk especially in the main Industries of the Gulf. The oil Industry. Working in chemical cleaning has exposed the company to so much of chemical & environmental waste that was just dumped without any treatment of thoughts of the future general. However, after the liberation of Kuwait and the Media programs about oil waste and contamination water and sand it opened the eyes of both the oil companies and waste treatment Engineers. Environment Engineer flying over and reporting not only on Kuwait war waste but on the other Gulf Countries waste had made many Engineers and interested companies to look to the GCC area.

The thought now if we don’t take care of it, somebody else will and it has changed the business mind, it’s financially feasible now. Clients will actually have to pay for the removal of their waste.

With another British Engineer, we started to design a system to reduce environmental waste in the Oil Industry mainly in the most hazardous materials in the Oil business, the Oil sludge.

Within few months a design was ready and a joint venture company with Clear Industry U.S.A. as financing partner was established in the name of “CLEAR INDUSTRIES Middle East W.L.L.

Within three months, “Clear Industries Middle East” in their base in Bahrain and using Bahraini hands and technology, the Clear Tank Cleaning master kit was built. Within one year Clear Industries became registered in all GCC countries as a Bahrain Contractor and supplier of Tank Cleaning equipment, built and sold to all GCC Countries, in addition, to actually doing the cleaning and recycling of waste oil and sludge.

The equipment is built-in Bahrain using Bahrain Engineers and labour and sold to other countries. The contracting work exporting local technology and local labors and Engineer.

CLEAR INDUSTRIES (M.E.) W.L.L. is now a force recognized all over the Gulf States, Egypt, Nigeria and Jordan with the Bahrain Flag on every equipment it owns anywhere it works.

The past years had furnished me with a vast experience in the business. Things that I am interested in very much and had made as a hobby not just a work for income. I think most of the success in the business is due to the liking of what I am doing.

Interaction with other businessmen and employees who make it happen, not just wishing it would happen had exposed me to information that helped me in running and expanding the business to the level it is now.

Interaction with the Society we live in by making the business and society as a team with the ability to work together, toward a common vision, the ability to direct each accomplishment toward common objectives.

However, the ambition of a man shall never stop at any level and yesterday is but a dream tomorrow is a vision and what was done doesn’t equate to a drop in the ocean of my dreams.

Lastly, the difference between a successful person and others is not a lake of strength, not a lake of knowledge, not a lake of money but rather a lake of will.


Mashal Group WLL


Chairman and Chief Executive Officer