A •Top-Performing senior executive with 20 years' experience providing strategic, financial and operating leadership to enhance organizational growth, productivity, and efficiency within the automotive industry.
•Hit goals month after month, set yearly goals for the entire team and review periodically, mentor team to assure that goal are met or exceeded. Strong closer, regularly close multi-million dollar contracts.
•Strong verbal and written communication skills, articulate speaker, clear and concise writer, prepare and deliver effective presentations, high-quality documents and correspondence.
•Talented negotiator with keen cultural awareness. Extensive experience in business planning, management and implementation, contributing significantly to bottom-line efficiency and profitability.
•Strong general management, team building, problem-solving and decision making skills.
•Excellent written and verbal communication skills. Fluent in English, Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil and Little Arabic.

•Strategic thinker; successfully analyze and interpret a wide variety of economic, demographic, geographic and marketing data, dissecting opportunities and translating into meaningful and actionable plans.
•Highly successful in building and maintaining loyal customer relationships based on trust, communication, and a problem-solving approach that addresses issues immediately and strives for rapid resolution.
•Persuasive communication by means of logic and technical expertise. Can build rapport and converse both commercially and technically with people at all levels.
.•Skilled at all levels of the sales process, with particular strengths in closing the sale and building rapport with clients. Outstanding client relation skills leading to add-on sales and long term customer loyalty.


Zayani Motors


General Manager